DUE DATE:  MARCH 31, 2017

​Do you know of a medical student (with ties to the Saginaw area) in need of a loan?

The SCMS Foundation may be able to help.  The Foundation was formed in 1968 and originally funded through physician donation of earnings from educational and charity work.  The Annual Golf Outing and donations now fund the Foundation which makes low interest loans to medical students with ties to the Saginaw area.  The intent is to encourage physicians to return to Saginaw County to practice medicine.

In 2012, the Board voted to approve forgiveness of all loan interest if the individual returns to practice in Saginaw County upon completion of a residency.  In 2016, the Board voted to forgive 25 percent of the principal owed at the end of the first, second, third and fourth years of practice in Saginaw County with paid membership in good standing in the SCMS/MSMS, with a maximum of $5,000 per year forgiven, with prior Promissory Notes executed by current medical students/residents who have not yet begun repayment eligible for loan forgiveness in accordance with the provisions stated.

 SCMS Foundation officers are:

  • President - Matthew D. Deibel MD
  • Vice President/Secretary - Lowell A. Butman MD
  • Treasurer - Rao V.C. Gudipati MD
  • Trustee - Thomas E. Damuth MD
  • Trustee - George J. Gugino MD
  • Trustee - Iris A. Marteja MD
  • Trustee Emeritus - Robert J. Toteff MD

If any SCMS member knows of a medical student in need (with an interest in the Saginaw area), please encourage him or her to apply.  Deadline for applications is March 31, 2017.  

Medical Student Loans