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The Saginaw County Medical Society (SCMS) is the professional association of physicians, both MDs and DOs, in Saginaw County, and is a component of the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS).  The SCMS was granted it's charter by MSMS on October 14, 1902.

The purpose of the SCMS is:

  • to bring the physicians of Saginaw County into one organization, and through it and similar county societies, to form and maintain MSMS;

  • to promote the science and the art of medicine and the betterment of public health;

  • to encourage among members of the medical profession the exchange of views on all phases of professional advancement so as to better equip each member to serve society;

  • to participate in programs of educational service to the public on matters of health and hygiene;

  • to foster the highest concepts of ethics in the practice of medicine;

  • to foster positive public perceptions of physicians in the community;

  • to acquire and hold such property as may be necessary or proper to carry out it's objectives; and generally,

  • to engage in such activities as are necessary or advisable to effectively accomplish it's objectives but limited to activities which are necessary, appropriate, relevant, or incidental to it's educational and scientific purposes.